CAPAL15 Conference Announced



$10 Student Membership Promotion Starts TODAY

From August 28th to September 25th, CAPAL is offering student membership at a 50% reduced price of $10. If you are a current student, interested in a career in academic libraries, we encourage you to join us! You can sign up for a membership here!

Dal CAPAL Officially Recognized

We are pleased to announce that on Friday, August 22nd, Dal CAPAL received official recognition by the CAPAL / ACBAP Parent Committee. We received the following message from president Harriet Sonne de Torrens:

“On behalf of the CAPAL Steering Committee, it is with great pleasure that we are writing to inform you that the Steering Committee of CAPAL has recognized you as the official Dalhousie Student Chapter of CAPAL / ACBAP or .
CAPAL is a national non-governmental membership organization representing academic librarians and the profession of academic librarianship in Canada. We hope your involvement in CAPAL will enrich your understanding of the roles of librarians in institutions of post-secondary education.
I want to applaud you for taking the initiative to start a student chapter. I trust it will be a very rewarding experience and encourage you to continue to reach for opportunities in the months ahead.”