Executive Members

The Executive Members for the 2015/2016 academic year are:

Tess Grynoch, Chair

Chantel Ridsdale, Vice-Chair

Robyn Gray, Secretary

Alanna McLellan, Web and Communications Chair

Domenic Rosati, Treasurer and Outreach Chair

We are currently looking to expand our executive. Anyone can join CAPAL by becoming a paid member. Student Membership for CAPAL is regularly $20.88, and can be purchased here. The next member could be you! More questions about membership? Contact us at dalhousie.capal@gmail.com

We would like to thank our 2014/2015 executive and wish them luck in their future endeavors:

Hilary Lynd, Chair (2014-2015)

Jaq-Lin Larder, Vice-Chair (2014-2015)

Mark McCumber, Secretary (2014-2015)

Andrea Kampen, Communications Chair (2014-2015)

Valerie Collins, Outreach Chair (2014-2015)